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Below is our announcement regarding leadership changes for our Executive Director for Liberty Iowa. Though I am sad to see Adil leave, his new endeavor will no doubt prove very exciting for him. I am also confident that Andy Curran will step up to the position and reignite a passion for transparency and legislative issues at the state level.

Please join me in thanking Adil for all of his work and dedication to advancing the cause of Liberty in Iowa and also join me in welcoming Andy to his new role.

In Liberty,
Matt DeVries
Chairman, Liberty Iowa



Date: May 13, 2015
Contact: Andy Curran, 515.423.0522

Liberty Iowa Announces Leadership Change as 2016 Campaign Season Begins

New Executive Director Seeks to Engage, Educate and Empower Iowans to Take Back Control of Their Government.

DES MOINES – A leadership change at Liberty Iowa came upon the announcement that current Executive Director, Adil Khan, accepted a position on presidential candidate Rand Paul’s Technology Advisory Council. Khan joins a distinguished group on Paul’s council, including Google’s (Public Sector) Chief Technology Officer, Michele Weslander Quaid; CEO of Overstock.com, Patrick Byrne; Scott Banister of PayPal fame and other thought leaders in the tech world.

“I’m honored to be chosen for Senator Paul’s Tech Council and also very excited about the incoming Executive Director at Liberty Iowa, Andy Curran. Andy has a proven track record of making state government more transparent and accessible to the citizens of Iowa, exactly what is necessary to give the power of government back to the people,” said Khan.

Khan’s successor at Liberty Iowa, Andy Curran, is also no stranger to innovating government with technology. Curran is a co-founder of a non-partisan civic based social network, WeVoteProject.org, which specializes in engaging, educating and empowering voters through legislative transparency and providing direct lines of communication between citizens and their representatives in Des Moines.

“I am thrilled and humbled to be asked to become the next Executive Director of Liberty Iowa. Adil Khan has definitely set a high bar for excellence in advancing liberty here in Iowa and I will do all I can to build on it,” Curran said.

Curran will take over as Executive Director of Liberty Iowa effective immediately.

About Liberty Iowa

Liberty Iowa was formed with the goal of empowering liberty minded voters in Iowa to take control of their government once again.  We believe that the status quo in Des Moines politics favors insiders and large political donors while average Iowans are largely removed from the legislative process.  We believe that a peaceful and prosperous Iowa is one that maximizes both economic and civil liberties.

With this in mind, Liberty Iowa aims to return our state to the principles of limited government, free enterprise and individual liberty, and to make Iowa an example for the rest of the nation.

Learn more about Liberty Iowa here: http://www.libertyiowa.com/about-us/


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  1. All governments Federal, state, county, and local need to be audited frequently. No tax supported organization should be allowed to shelter, or protect monopolies from law suits brought by injured businesses.

    example Coke’s sweetheart deal with National Parks administration. Our government was never created to pick winners and losers for our people to do business with. Businesses hurt by this policy of choosing winners and losers should be able to sue the governmental department which created the unequal playing field.

  2. I came to believe long ago that changes we want to happen nationwide had to be pilot tested and made viable here in Iowa. Example St Mary’s Credit Union Dubuque 1957 adopts concept of saving for a rainny day.. Iowa Senate creates a rainny day fund with financial triggers which when activated could allow withdrawal of funds for one time use. Today I’m hearing national politicians talking about the rainny day fund I suggested to Kitty Rehburg in the Iowa senate.

    Continuous Improvement in the expenditure of the taxpayers dollar.
    1 Simplify legislative documentation by requiring all documentation to be in digital form,, searchable by latest version of bill number and available online for interested taxpayers to provide a check on lobbyist, the one percent and career politicians owned by big business.
    2 All legislation will start with a brief description of the problem the legislation would solve within ____ years.
    3 All legislation would be limited to 50,000 characters of 12 point font. Simplify your solution to provide only the facts.. (maybe then people in congress would have the time to read the legislation without the fine print).
    4 All legislation will have its cost over its lifetime estimated so people will know its true cost for its life until sunset..
    5 If passed, the people who provide leadership for the pilot inititive would gather business people, Ishakowa experts, (problem experts) as well as other stakeholders to find inexpensive, practical methods by which the problem (see # 1 above) could be solved… If sunset comes before the solution to the problem all infrastructure and employees, would be dismissed.

    All departments of the government will be financially transparent and will welcome a rigerous audit. The greater the budget the more money will be available to audit their books.

    Legislation must be passed to overturn Citizens United since corporations are not citizens anymore than my great great grandfather who resides at Calvary Cemetary in Dubuque has a right to his privacy.

    Legislation to outlaw the purchase of automatic weapons and the prosecution of gun owners who fail to secure their weapons.

    Legislation that would make child adoptions easy for adoptive parents, attractive for birth parents and economical for the federal government.. All children born or aborted will have the names and fingerprints of both birth parents recorded on the birth / death certificate. Convicted rapist will be denied visitation rights until the child is 21.. All men will be held financially responsible for the children they have conceived..

    Legislation which would create a DNA database used by law enforcement to identify, prosecute and incarcerate serial rapist. When the aligation of rape is made, all forensic evidence becomes the property of law enforcement. Free no questions asked sterilizations would be provided to people who are into hookups..

    Legislation to insure that all non citizens entering the country would be provided a non citizen ID card with their picture, a barcode and fingerprints on it.. Overstaying your time would merit a $20,000 fine and immediate deportation..


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