Fall into Freedom – Blood Drive

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The tree of liberty is fed by the blood of patriots and tyrants.

-Thomas Jefferson


We often hear that you cannot have a “jury of your peers” unless you are willing to serve on a jury.  The same is true with blood.  1 out of every 3 people will need blood in their life time.  Who are those people?  The innocent car crash victim needs it to prevent bleeding to death on the way to the hospital.  The elderly man undergoing surgery to fix his heart requires blood to have a few more years with his grandkids.  The woman fighting breast cancer whose blood is destroyed by the disease and chemo, needs it to gain a couple more weeks with her kids.  The baby born prematurely with an underdeveloped system needs blood to see a lifetime.

Bloods is essential for life.  It carried oxygen and heals wounds.  Currently there is no way to artificially make what is in your body, there is no substitute for human blood.  Efforts are underway to change that using stem cells and we know how those are obtained.  Through voluntary donations there will be no need to continue that research.

On October 24 we will be giving blood at LifeServe Blood Center 10457 Hickman Rd Urbandale, IA from 9:00 to 12:00.  We will be celebrating and sharing life as well as cookies.  The greatest gift you can give a person is an opportunity.  A single donation can save a life as the rarest blood type is the one that is needed at that moment.

Most anyone can give blood.  Don’t believe the myths – though certain travel may make you ineligible for a short time, often less than a year, it is not a life time.  Come in and let them rule you out rather than being the one that could have donated but didn’t.

All life is precious.  Let the world see that we don’t just talk (or click) but instead Liberty supporters are people of action.  Liberty is about caring for others directly rather than “letting someone else do it.”  You may not have any more money to donate or a full afternoon to spare because you are caring for your family but you do have blood and someone needs it.

Will you join us in sharing life and liberty?

October 24, 2015 9:00am to 12:00pm
LifeServe Blood Center
10457 Hickman Rd
Urbandale, IA

In liberty,
Jonas Cutler

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