Brushfire Radio Ep. 29 – Iowa Politics, Presidential Debate

Brushfire Radio Ep. 28 – Planned Parenthood, Iowa Legislature, Presidential Politics

Brushfire Radio Ep. 27 – Republican Party of Iowa, Presidential Politics, Planned Parenthood

Brushfire Radio Ep. 26 – Iowa Politics, Presidential Politics

Brushfire Radio Ep. 25 – Iowa Legislature, Iowa State Fair, Religious Liberty

Brushfire Radio Ep. 24 – Iowa House, Planned Parenthood, Presidential Debate Politics

Brushfire Radio Ep. 23 – With Special Guest Michael Mudlaff

Brushfire Radio Ep. 22 – Planned Parenthood, Gun-Free Zones, Presidential Race

Brushfire Radio Ep. 21 – New Iowa Laws, No Child Left Behind, Donald Trump

Brushfire Radio Ep. 20 – We Vote Project & New Laws & Presidential Candidates

Brushfire Radio Ep. 19 – Presidential Candidates & Supreme Court Rulings

Brushfire Radio Ep. 18 – Iowa Events and Presidential Candidates

Brushfire Radio Ep. 17 – End of Legislative Session

Brushfire Radio Ep . 16 – Legislature winding down & 2018 Guv speculation

Brushfire Radio Ep . 15 – Iowa Presidential Polls and the Boone-doggle

Brushfire Radio Ep. 14 – Christmas Tree Bill & Eminent Domain

Brushfire Show Ep. 13 – HHS Budget, Bills & Presidential Roundup

Brushfire Show Ep. 12 – Bloated Budgets & Morel Inspectors?

Brushfire Show Ep. 11 – Legislative Bills still alive

Brushfire Radio Ep. 10 – “Representative” Government

Brushfire Show Ep. 9 – We Vote Project

Episode 8: Government Bullies

Episode 7: Legislative Updates

Episode 6: Party Betrayal

Episode 5: Iowa Legislation and the Federal Reserve

Episode 4: Aftermath of the Gas Tax

Episode 3: The Gas Tax
In this episode we discuss the 10 cent increase on the gas tax.

Episode 2: Iowa’s “Cold War”
We discuss the “Cold War” between establishment Republicans and the rest of us. We also discuss liberty bills in the Iowa General Assembly and 2016 Presidential Caucus news.

Episode 1: Brushfire Radio premiers on 98.3 The Torch
Join Kim Pearson, Kara Hadley and Chad Steenhoek as we endeavor to set “brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” (Samuel Adams)  We hope to be your source of liberty minded, limited government, slightly irreverent news.

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  1. Is there any way I can download the podcast file so I can listen to it later. I don’t always have a fast enough connection to stream

  2. You should post on your fb page each week when the podcast has been posted… along with a short tagline of what was discussed so we can share that on fb. It also would help if you add the date to the episodes. The older ones have dates listed but then that stopped. I love your show!

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