Liberty Iowa was formed with the goal of empowering liberty-minded voters in Iowa to take control of their government once again. We believe that the centrism currently enveloping the politics of our nation has resulted in an explosion of government growth, reduced freedom, and the erosion of the protections of our founding documents.

We aim to return our state to the principles of limited government, free enterprise, and individual liberty, and make Iowa a leading voice for Constitutional conservatism in the nation.

In partnership with our network of grassroots activists, we can help achieve these ends by:

  • Promoting transparency in government and accountability to constituents
  • Organizing grassroots opposition to any legislation, mandate, or judicial activism that imperils the rights of Iowa individuals and businesses
  • Educating voters on ways to get involved in the process, and how to remain politically active and relevant during and between elections
  • Building lasting coalitions of Iowans who will stand together and provide direction for the future of our state

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  1. I tried to leave my name and email address for updates but it wouldn’t take my information. I am VERY interested in getting rid of those traffic cameras. Do you have a contact person here in Council Bluffs?

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